Getting Started With Your Drum Set

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Drums for me are one of the most rewarding instruments out there to play.  Not only can you pick up the basics of the drums over a weekend, it is so rewarding to play.  If I feel frustrated at the world, it is perfect to go out in my garage and have a jam session.  Now even though you can learn the basics of drumming in the beginning it will take a lot of practice and dedication.  Also, you will be sore from all the effort you put in and you will have to build up your chops.

Getting Started With Your Very First Drum Lesson

Resource for all drummersMy first question when I was getting started was where am I going to find a drum set to play on.  At that time, I was unsure if I even wanted to buy a drum set because they can be pretty pricey.  So I started asking around to see if one of my friends had one that I could practice on.  He said that he didn’t play anymore and I could come over and play.  Immediately I was hooked and ended up buying the drum set off of him.  If you don’t have the money to get a drum set right out of the gate you can pick up a practice pad off of the internet for 20 bucks.  You can find an additional resource by going here.

After you either have a drum set or a basic practice pad we can start learning how to play the drum.  Now before we start playing on the practice pad there are still some things that need to be addressed.  First, in the video below it shows up how to properly hold our drum sticks.  This is important because you want to let gravity do as much work as possible and you don’t want to grip the stick to tightly.  First if you hold the stick with to much pressure you will be unable to play the drum quickly and also you increase the risk of injury.  Also, you don’t need to use as much force as you think you would.  There are two major types of grips and the video will go on to discuss this further.

Getting Started With Your First Note on the Drum Set


All of these videos are fantastic for getting your started.  First you have how to hold your drum stick and beginners techniques.  These techniques are something every drummer uses and I would suggest revisiting the lessons on a regular basis.  The last video moves past that and helps you play some notes on your drum set or practice pad.

Last Thing When Starting With Drums

Now that you have some beginning lessons, it is a good idea to practice on a regular basis instead of only 1 or 2 times a week for longer periods.  You want your playing to become habit and this will be the fastest way to get there.  Don’t give up on the drums though.  It may seem like you start off slowly but I have included a link to Spencer Smith’s homepage where you can reach him and ask drum questions.


Learn How to Play the Flute

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When I was in junior high I started off playing the flute, then moved on to the oboe.  The flute is a beautiful sounding instrument and is lightweight to hold in your hands.  Don’t let that deceive you though.  The flute is and intricate instrument to learn and there are a lot of moving keys that you will learn over time.  The flute is a rewarding instrument and can be picked up for a reasonable price.  If you can’t afford the flute but are still interested in the learning the instrument, some local music stores may be able to rent a flute to you for a reasonable price.

Learn to play the flute

Getting Started with the Flute

If you have just purchased a flute then I recommend that you keep your investment safe!  There are a range of cases on the market that you can pick up for a reasonable price.  There are soft and hard cases on the market and either will work for you.  If you will be traveling with your flute, I recommend getting something with a handle and some pockets.  After we get our flute situated we will need to learn to put it together.

The flute comes in three sections and easy to put together.  I recommend watching the video all the way through because this artist includes detailed instruction on how to put your flute together.  I would say the most important thing in this section to follow is where you put your hands when fitting the pieces of the flute together.  Remember that the keys are fragile and can bend.  If the key gets bent then you will have a foul sounding note.  Take your time and learn how to take care of your instrument first.

Playing Your First Note on the Flute

After you have everything setup, it is time to play your first note.  To start with your first note, you will want to have your hands in the correct place, resting on the keys (reference video for correct position).  After that you will want to blow in the end of the flute towards the back of the flute.  The best suggestion of blowing into your flute is pretend that it is a soda bottle.  This is the best position to have your mouth and lips in which is also know as your embouchure.  This will come over time and help with note clarity.

After you have figured out how to correctly blow into your flute you can start with your fist note.  In the video there is a demonstration of a few different keys and their fingerings.  I would start with the notes of a C scale and practice each one individually until you have them all memorized.  After that you can start learning a C major scale and eventually music.  What I have learned when starting off with an instrument is to go easy and not try to rush to the next level.  Becoming impatient will just cause more struggles down the road.  If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below here.

Is Music Education for Everyone?

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Importance of music educationMusic is a huge factor in many peoples lives and contributes to peoples emotions.  You are bound to hear music throughout the day some of us make our own music.  It is one of my favorite expressions and brings me inner peace inside.  Some people make their money on a daily basis from being a musician.  I am sure you have wanted to go see a concert and see your favorite artist perform.  There are so many opportunities to experience such a wonderful thing and you can do so for usually a low price or even free.  Also, in schools you will find that there is still many opportunities for students to learn music education and performance.  Let’s take a look at music education a little deeper.

Music Education for You

Depending on where you live, most of us have the ability to learn music information.  There are many parts of music education that we can be a part of.  First you can learn about music theory or start basic lessons with your favorite instrument.  There are so many aspects of music that it will take you a lifetime to master.  Ultimately you need to pick where you want to start.

Some of the parts that you will find yourself learning are music history, famous musicians, sheet music, notes, and even basic scales.  On this website we will be focusing on individual instruments for you to learn and ideas on how to get started.  To get started with music I would check into local schools or even private lessons once you decide on how you want to create your music.

Benefits of Music in Your Life

It is easy to lose yourself in music and forget all your worries.  The amount of stress in my life has drastically reduced from playing an instrument.  It makes me eager to get home after work and play as well as gives me a feeling of accomplishment in my daily life.  There is so much to playing and instrument that has changed me.  It also helps me be more productive in my day to day life.

You can find many studies out there with children as well being better students after learning to play a musical instrument.  No matter what age, there are only good things that come from regular practice and effort.  Even if you decide to just listen to classical music, it changes your mental state.

Conclusion on Learning Music Today

I have included a video below on why music can play a crucial part in your life.  If you don’t have much money I suggest you look to your local music store about renting an instrument.  When I first started I had to rent an instrument for two years before I was able to purchase one.  After all my hard work, it all paid off.  If you don’t have a music store near you there are always options online to find discounted instruments or rental programs.  Please comment below to tell us how music has changed your life.

Video on the importance of music:

Why Music is So Important In Today’s World

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The Importance of Music In Today’s World

It is important to look at music and understand the benefits it offers to the world.  We have included a video that explains why it is important to have this in our everyday life.  Music is life and we have dedicated this blog to it.