Learn How to Play the Flute

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When I was in junior high I started off playing the flute, then moved on to the oboe.  The flute is a beautiful sounding instrument and is lightweight to hold in your hands.  Don’t let that deceive you though.  The flute is and intricate instrument to learn and there are a lot of moving keys that you will learn over time.  The flute is a rewarding instrument and can be picked up for a reasonable price.  If you can’t afford the flute but are still interested in the learning the instrument, some local music stores may be able to rent a flute to you for a reasonable price.

Learn to play the flute

Getting Started with the Flute

If you have just purchased a flute then I recommend that you keep your investment safe!  There are a range of cases on the market that you can pick up for a reasonable price.  There are soft and hard cases on the market and either will work for you.  If you will be traveling with your flute, I recommend getting something with a handle and some pockets.  After we get our flute situated we will need to learn to put it together.

The flute comes in three sections and easy to put together.  I recommend watching the video all the way through because this artist includes detailed instruction on how to put your flute together.  I would say the most important thing in this section to follow is where you put your hands when fitting the pieces of the flute together.  Remember that the keys are fragile and can bend.  If the key gets bent then you will have a foul sounding note.  Take your time and learn how to take care of your instrument first.

Playing Your First Note on the Flute

After you have everything setup, it is time to play your first note.  To start with your first note, you will want to have your hands in the correct place, resting on the keys (reference video for correct position).  After that you will want to blow in the end of the flute towards the back of the flute.  The best suggestion of blowing into your flute is pretend that it is a soda bottle.  This is the best position to have your mouth and lips in which is also know as your embouchure.  This will come over time and help with note clarity.

After you have figured out how to correctly blow into your flute you can start with your fist note.  In the video there is a demonstration of a few different keys and their fingerings.  I would start with the notes of a C scale and practice each one individually until you have them all memorized.  After that you can start learning a C major scale and eventually music.  What I have learned when starting off with an instrument is to go easy and not try to rush to the next level.  Becoming impatient will just cause more struggles down the road.  If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below here.

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