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Eric HuntingtonHi guys, my name is Eric Huntington and I have a passion for music.  I was hypnotized at an early age by some of the great artists like Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra.  Music has changed so much over the last 50 years and I want to share my findings on my blog, 2050musicislife.

I have played many instruments over the past 20 years and been in a few bands.  I not only love music, but the people that are part of this amazing community.  I am still performing and want to share my rich music experience with the world.  I would say my favorite part about sharing all of this is the mood music puts me in.  Nothing beats that high I get when listening to something amazing.

I welcome each person that visits my website to please share their love of music in the comment section below or even contact me.  I am good about communication and would love to share stories with you.  Please let others know about this wonderful resource.

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