Getting Started With Your Drum Set

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Drums for me are one of the most rewarding instruments out there to play.  Not only can you pick up the basics of the drums over a weekend, it is so rewarding to play.  If I feel frustrated at the world, it is perfect to go out in my garage and have a jam session.  […]

Learn How to Play the Flute

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When I was in junior high I started off playing the flute, then moved on to the oboe.  The flute is a beautiful sounding instrument and is lightweight to hold in your hands.  Don’t let that deceive you though.  The flute is and intricate instrument to learn and there are a lot of moving keys […]

Is Music Education for Everyone?

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Music is a huge factor in many peoples lives and contributes to peoples emotions.  You are bound to hear music throughout the day some of us make our own music.  It is one of my favorite expressions and brings me inner peace inside.  Some people make their money on a daily basis from being a […]

Why Music is So Important In Today’s World

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The Importance of Music In Today’s World It is important to look at music and understand the benefits it offers to the world.  We have included a video that explains why it is important to have this in our everyday life.  Music is life and we have dedicated this blog to it.